Wednesday, February 3, 2010

aah the slippers....

so today i discovered that i CAN crochet.  and that I DO like it.  Despite all my protests to the contrary...  At the OOTS knit a thon i decided, of course, to be different, and crocheted myself a pair of slippers, off of a sheepskin base.  I felted them and wore them wet all day today (YUCK)  but both D and I liked them so much that she made me make HER a pair too!  guess I'm hooked now (har har har.. bad pun)...

Here's what they look like.  They're SOOO comfy, and D wanted to wear hers to bed.   She also asked little B if she wanted a pair.. and in good B style, the baba answered "DAAAH!"  (she thinks she's russian - it means YES PLEASE!!!)  so now i'm making a pair for her...  guess i should probably make a few pairs for the store, but i'm having more fun making the upcycled wool ones.  Here's a sample of what one of my newest pairs will look like (this is just the toe, obviously)...  I also have an owl pair on the go.

Today's big adventure, aside from choir practice where my new slippers got their grand debut, and my soprano mate's new baby mattea showed off a pair of my longies and my pacifier clip, was Baba's 4th major attempt at learning to fly!  She took a grand header off of the window ledge that she can access by climbing up the back of the couch, and landed temple first on the coffee table.   Man do I feel like a horrible mommy.  She's fine, don't worry, and we're all stocked up on arnica, so the bruise should be minimal...but I'm sure I'll get some stares at her swimming tomorrow.....crazy child of mine.

Hey, do you want to see my oh-so-lovely work studio?  I promise I didn't design it.  It more just "happened".  Definitely won't make any design studio photo shoots for ETSY.  He he.  Note the very very necessary busy board on the back of my upscale work-chair  (purchased WITH sewing table for $10 at a garage sale this past summer, thank you very much...)  As well as the oh-so-artistically placed garbage can - and as an added bonus, the Baba hasn't figured out how to get in it to eat stuff out of it yet!
  Don't forget to notice the upscale security devices on the scissors drawer - babyproofing at it's finest!!!
I've started doing a bit more window shopping on etsy myself. and MAN should I stop. I want to buy so many things. Maybe my next post will just be all about the listings I love.  We'll see.  

Anyhow, over half an hour ago I promised C i'd come to bed, and I have to take B swimming tomorrow morning, SOOOOO - gnite all! 

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