Friday, January 29, 2010

watchin' B be like me

i've finally finished her.  My fave of all waldorf style dolls that i've made thus far.  I finished putting the elastic in her shes today while little B "helped"... okay, she repeatedly poked one of the shoes with a spare crochet hook, but it was helping in her mind.. you could tell.  It was UNBELIEVABLY sweet.   Maybe because I don't remember doing any of this stuff as a kid, maybe because I just think my kids are the cutest, dunno, but MAN I love how much they love doing this stuff...
Anyhow, this little girl will be available at Babazoobee sometime VERY soon.  Like days.  or hours.  who knows.  hehe

okay... off to play super mario wii with C.    what a splurge.  he he.  only fair to spend time with her tonight, considering i'm ditching her and the kids all day tomorrow to knit at the Out On the Shelf Knit-a-Thon.....  gonna make me a pair of slippers for choir rehearsals.  Yup.  I sing.  Soprano.  In the Rainbow Chorus of waterloo-wellington region.  

Okay, back from Wii.  that was fun!  Mario is the reason I like nintendo.  Though I really wish the game Little Big Planet was available on Nintendo.  First thing Sony's gotten right in a long time as far as I'm concerned.

D went iceskating today with C...for the first time in 4 years of skating she successfully skated without holding onto her mama or a skating aid!!!!  i'm so proud of her.  I don't skate.  I know, bad Canuck, but hey....

Okay, here's where I need some feedback.  I name the dolls I make after flowers... I need a list of nice flower names.  For boys or girls.  I also keep looking at the "monetize" feature on this blog...should I or shouldn't I let google advertise on this blog so I can make a few bucks to buy supplies?   Let me know....

okay, that was random enough...  hope u like her.  I think we'll probably call this one  Violet.  though I'm fond of Poppy or Viola too....

have a great nite folks.


  1. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing <3 Love the doll!

  2. I love your doll!

    And congrats on your daughter not needing to hold your hand to skate :)

  3. I think Poppy is a cute name, with that colorful bright hair. Viola sounds too prim. Though whatever you name her, she's adorable. And I say go for it with Google, you can't have too much extra supply money.