Thursday, January 28, 2010

a HAH! some members! and some feedback. and some PUKE.. (not related i promise)

it's amazing what those etsy forums can do.  I put up a request for feedback and BLAM-OH!  i have followers.  YAY!  (this is doing NOTHING for my internet addiction, let me tell you). 
I followed some advice and put some more info up about the family dynamics, but here, i'll sum up.

Jonah - that's me.  33 year old married-to-my-sweetheart-of-10+-years stay at home mom of 2 girls.  known to the children as mommy.  Yes, i'm a girl named Jonah.  Yes, that's like the Jonah in the whale dude.  Yes, i'm sick of that analogy.  any other questions?!!

C - that's my wifey.  She is super strict about what family information is posted to the internet, as she works as the residential manager of the local women's shelter, and has first-hand knowledge of what can be done with internet information.  Also, it would be weird if some of the residents found out about her life here.  so she's just C.  known to the children as Mama.

D - our oldest daughter, born of C 5 years ago.  Very creative, very imaginitive, very very very very sensitive and needy.  A homebody like her birthmom - would prefer if all her friends came to her to play.  Loving senior Kindergarten, but would prefer if you didn't know that.....

B - aka Baba or Babazoobee, or Zoobs or zoobeezoo...etc.. etc... (none of these her birthname... wonder if she knows her birthname yet?) our little  16 months, born of myself (ouch).  She is the daredevil of the family.  and the one that can figure out baby gates and baby locks and how to quickly get on the kitchen table and teeter on the edge to make her moms' hearts skip a beat on an hourly basis.  Oh, and 4 drawer handles one above the other = a ladder.  did you know that?!!  This little girl doesn't know she's only 1.  she thinks she's 5 like her sister.  will do ANYTHING her sister does.  Thankfully we use sign language with both our kids, so at 16 months she communicates almost as well as her older sister did at the same age (running about 40 signs now and about 30 words...)

Jessica - the 12 year old female feline given to me at 1 year old by a cambridge ontario drag queen.  She had obviously at one point been abused, as she was only visible as growling furniture for at least a year of her life.  Now she's a snuggle-ball - will warm up to you if you sing soprano to her.  really.

Buster - the 9 year old female feline.  Yes her name is buster.  yes she's a girl.  we didn't know that when we got her.  decided the name was fine as it was.  She's the chatty cat of the house.  she drives C crazy.  dunno why.....

okay.. you got us?

i think i'm done now.  spent all night repeatedly cleaning toddler-puke off ours and the baba's bed (we cosleep still with the 3 sided crib attached firmly to my side of the bed (bed and crib are exactly the same height - it was meant to be)... oh and she just woke up from her nap.. see ya later!



  1. Nice to know ya Jonah! I think our 16 months old are long-lost sisters. B sounds just like my youngest.

  2. Ok love your blog!!! so cool!!!

  3. Dude, get an RSS feed for your blog, please, pretty please? It's the easiest way for me to keep up!

  4. include our lil birdie also 16 mths & they're triplets :)

  5. okies... i figured out how to add pics... sorry if you missed out before...