Friday, February 5, 2010

some new listings,some reluctant twittering, and trouble with contacts.

We'll start off by saying CRAP.  I think I'm starting to feel old.  I finally decided, after 6 years without, to go back to  wearing contact lenses.  Got my free trial pair from my optometrist, and figured, no sweat!  Not even interesting enough to consider posting here....EXCEPT - me ol' fuddy duddy self HATED them!  I didn't like what I looked like, didn't like what I felt like, and didn't like all the trouble to put them in.  Oh, and apparently I never blink anymore.   ACK!
So the fun of the day was going BACK to the local ivision store at the mall (I say back because we spent a very trying hour their this past sunday choosing out C's new glasses and chasing small children around), and I got me some new glasses.  YAY!  But when I think about them, though I love them and am excited to have them finished and on my face, I think - These are GRANNY GLASSES!!!  QO  !!!!  Okay, maybe not quite.  They're squareish and orangeish and have funky designs on their wide arms....   and they're a heck of a lot nicer than the huge red Sally Jessie Raphael glasses I wore back in elementary school (am I ageing myself just saying THAT?!)  Oh well... pic to follow - you can tell me what you think....

Okay, small midlife crisis over.

Now to the fun stuff.

I had my photographer friend H (also not interested in posting her name online at this point) take some pics of my newest items and posted them on etsy today.... gonna show off her pics, AND my products....I have a thing for stripes right now....the rainbow wool longies on the right are probably from my fave sweater, but I love the chain stitch on the racing stripe longies on the left, too.
The deep rich colours on these other stripey longies below are also UBER beautiful... Kinda reminds me of Fall.  I hope you enjoy!

Ooh ooh ooh - also, I almost forgot... I gots me a Twitter account.  Another way to make me feel old, out of touch, and ignorant to todays ways... and I'm only in my 30s!!!!!  I haven't a CLUE what to do with it.  But, here it is, if you wanna listen to me chirp, or tweet, or whatever you young 'uns call it... lol...
someone save me and find me there and teach me a thing or two.....

Oh - I've got a new product idea - glass baby bottle wraps - made of felted wool.  Keeps the bottles somewhat insulated, soft to touch, keepsem from clinking together, and pads them to protect them from breaking when they hit the floor!  Also, they'll easily absorb leaks, and will be antibacterial - not so stinky from the milk!.. What do u think?  Prototype pic coming soon.

have a good night all!  thanx for following!

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