Friday, March 8, 2013

The Adventurous Post of Someone Trying to Make her Posts Sound Adventurous......groan.....

I love blogs.  I love the idea of blogs, the catharsis of blogs, the frank, tell-all-and-screw-those-that-can't-enjoy-it basic tenacity of a post that survives past when you felt the urge to put all that sh*t down on e-paper to begin with....

Almost every post I read is fascinating!  In What the pooh Dude?, Heather makes her neuroses over vacuuming lines funny and interesting.  In Herding Cats, her one son's lack of desire to wear a winter coat draws me in.  Maybe it is the regular day-to-dayness of it all?  That little bit of community parenting lost as both (when there are two) parents started working full time, leaving the minority of us who stay home with our children alone to figure things out....The stories lost when us kids move away from our parents, or our parents pass, or simply the generation gap prevents our parents from sharing those little words of wisdom in a way that draws us in as eloquently as someone's edited or not-so-edited blog post.

I mean, don't get me wrong.  There's lots of stuff I wouldn't want to learn from my parents that I can read on a blog.  How partner gave partner the best orgasm of her life?  NOT wanting to hear that from my mom.  As liberal and open and honest as we are with each other?  NO.  There's a line.  Not to mention nightmares......shudder....

As a by-product of reading excellently written blog posts (We own Heather's three children's books, and quite enjoy them, and I know that Phoebe is an aspiring author as well), as well as being an avid Facebook addict for more  years than I care to admit, I often see the Product of my day in terms of Facebook status updates, or Great Titles For My Next Blog Post..It's kind of like living in your very own sit-com:  Cleaning up the ketchup squirted all over the floor by your four year old, thinking up titles like "Crime Scene Cleanup - memoirs of a mom-on-the-battlefield"  or "I thought this experimental-behaviour stuff was supposed to be done by now?" (Okay, I admit.. the first was better).  It helps relieve tension, adds a bit of humour to the situation, and puts things in perspective.  It's just Ketchup, damnit!
the mohawk...grown out

Recent ideas for blog posts that have yet to come to fruition:

"I started with a mohawk, and now 60 year old women compliment my hair in public...."

"Damnit I hate doing dishes...why do my kids have to eat so much?!"

"Living with a newly-diagnosed child with Sensory Processing Disorder"

"How the HE&& will I ever have sex again?!  My 4 and 8 year olds still don't sleep through the night!?!!"

"Consumerism, intentional Wastefulness, and my disgust with my job"

and one that was suggested to me (as a friend suggests I seem to have the answer for everything):

"A list of life Hacks and simple solutions gleaned from everyday living, and an addiction to Google"

Ideas.  I'm full of them.  And when I run out, there's always Pinterest!  And of course Google.

When it comes to writing them down?  I'm a work in progress. 
the style loved by Italian grandmothers

that aughta hold me for a while....dye in progress.

Meanwhile?  I'm dyeing my elongated mohawk bright pink.  That aughta stop the 60 year old women from complimenting me for a while.....  ;)

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