Thursday, June 20, 2013

parenting greeting cards you will never see....

So, after 4 hours of shopping for dresses and shorts for my incredibly sensitive little girl, I sorta wanted some compassion.  I mean, it was bloody hell.  To be honest, I wanted some sort of recognition when I was done on how seriously awful shopping with a 4.5 year old with special needs is!  After 4 meltdowns, 4 stores, countless "no, I'm sorry we can't buy that today"s, a heartbreak over a stuffed bunny that I wouldn't buy her, several small freak outs about trying on clothes in the change room (she thought someone might see her changing) and tags/threads/pockets/appliques in places that drive her mental, and a small panic attack over a cricket loose on the floor of the pet store,  I deserve a freakin' medal!

However, I realize that medals are a bit pricey, and rather cumbersome and hard to come by, so I'd settle for just a nice card, or even an e-card, stating how much I am appreciated for the work I do...Unfortunately, on hunting for them, I find there aren't really many satisfactory sentiments out there to show appreciation for the work parents do.  So, I'm compiling a few here today.  Tell me what you think!  

or maybe one of these?
and maybe one day, we'll even be featured in the paper:

Oh well, I guess I'll just settle with a grubby-handed hug and an "I love you" from a smiley love-eyed little girl...On second thought, that's the best reward ever, isn't it?

If you have any cute/funny/sarcastic parenting-related e-cards I'd love to see them!  Message them to me on Facebook, and I may post them there, or even here!

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