Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pinterest- the functional addiction!

So, like most web-loving people of the world, I have become a keen user of Pinterest. 
I can readily admit to being addicted.  I mean, most users of the site are happy addicts....  My love affair comes and goes in waves...and this is with intent.  See, I have made a pact with myself.  If I am going to see and love and repin all of these amazing things, I'm going to USE them!

D and baby Mokey - a year ago.
When we first were considering getting a third pet (the debate was on whether it was to be a dog or cat...eventually we got cat #3, who just happens to act like a dog and THINK he's one of the human kids), I started a pinterest page called "pets that need homes that I would LIKE to adopt".  I didn't even get to bring home a single pet from that page because they were all so cute, other folks took them home!  We ended up being given Mr Mokey Kitten via another internet vice of mine.  Facebook auction pages.  (a whole 'nother story). tangent....

I have dreams of things I will create one day for my home..getting depressed that small kids are keeping me from using my skills to actually achieve these things, I pacify myself with finding amazing things that I will do in my future...a couple I have the live edge dining table....
homemade crayons!

The crafts for kids and recipes I've been super good about.  I average about one new Pinterest idea per month.  I've made the super-easy in a pot bread   which is awesome...and I LOVE LOVE the brownies in a mug   recipe - great emergency chocolate supply...for those times when a woman just NEEDS chocolate...we made some upcycled crayons, making tiny pieces of crayons into lovely little frogs,
Crocheted chicken set for a friend
ladybugs and butterflies..(note - if you use a microwave to melt wax, please ensure there is also a cup of water in the microwave.  This little activity cost me a microwave....groan).  I learned to cook bacon, finally, without burning it, by cooking it in water, of all things...even made these adorable chickens for a friend!  I even got the funky smell out of old
got the stink out!
dishcloths and towels using this trick!

Over Christmas this year, the girls got a 2nd hand vintage Playmobil castle for Christmas (they still believe it came from Santa - shhhh....)...After acquiring it, we discovered that some pieces were missing.  I used Pinterest to help me keep track of all of the missing parts and where I could buy them online.  Solely for my own purposes, but I found that a toy store started following that page!  

When learning about B's sensory issues, I discovered a WONDERFUL Facebook page that helped me understand her and her needs better...and they have amazing Pinterest boards, wonderfully laid out in sections and topics in a way that is completely understandable and useful - much easier access than on a single website!

If you haven't discovered Pinterest and all that is wonderful about it, I have some advice for you.  Be prepared to lose time.  Really.  The first few times I used it I was sucked in for hours.  But overall, I'd say my experience has been fantastic.  

Okay, gotta go now.  I have a bit more pinning to do before bed.


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