Thursday, June 17, 2010

been a BAD blogger

so I got insanely overwhelmed at the sheer amount of computer-type things related to being an online seller.... and then the good weather hit.  and the baba learned to talk (and tantrum)... and I kept putting off blogging.  and even thought about stopping!  but then i realised it's FUN!... oh, and also, I randomly compose new blog articles in my head as I'm wandering around, or falling asleep, or whatever... so I'll keep going.  If you'll let me?  in the mean time, here're a few of my most recent items!
My newest model, baby Mattea, is making life in the land of photography VERY much cuter....isn't she adorable?!
I love my baba.  but she's not a willing model most of the time......and a lot of my stuff just isn't her size!  here's mattea again (by the way.. those baby pants are CASHMERE!!!):
I've REALLY gotten into the crocheting... it's a lot easier to sit with the kids doing whatever they want to do while crocheting than it is to sit at the sewing machine....and you can't take the machine with you like crocheting!!! apparently I'm getting addicted?!!
Here're my lovely girls showing off another beautiful hat.  Yes, the toddler and the kindergartener both have the same size head......
and some little dudes i've needle felted...

I've been having so much fun... this weekend I think I'm going to make some tye-dyed playsilks for the shop.  I bought some wonderful 55" habotai silk and am just itching for a chance to colour it (and the counters, and my fingers, and probably a shirt......) and add it to my items!  I have several around the house already and they are WELL loved and played with...

thanks for reading - maybe I'll do a post on HOW to do the silks?!!!!
see you soon.

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